SPARKULAR - Fireworks without fireworks!!!!    Embraced by NO FIREWORK venues!  SAFE! 

UNLIKE MANY OTHER SUPPLIERS...our SPARKULAR SYSTEMS ARE CABLE FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!! with their own power packs!

Other suppliers need to run off 240 Volt power. That means they have to run an extension cord to the wall, then to the first Sparkular, then run cords between each Sparkular.  Than means on a dance floor you could have 4 units with 20 metres or more of cord around the floor!!!!  Ours are simply put in place a few minutes before your dance and QUICKLY REMOVED!!!!!  We have INVESTED in these power packs for quick and easy placement and more importantly for YOUR SAFETY, YOUR GUESTS SAFETY and the safety of VENUE STAFF!

One of the newest trending items in the event industry, Sparkular is as amazing as it is unique. Watch as guests’ jaws drop during each blast, as this totally-safe spark fountain illuminates your event space!  

IF your venue says NO to us, and we will send them information regarding Sparkular.

Sparkular is the next generation of effects.  IT IS NOT PYROTECHNIC!

Non Explosive.  No Smell.

It’s not pyro!

The first cold spark indoor display machine in the world.

Because it is so safe, Sparkular is the only pyrotechnic display that can be used with other systems, including confetti and streamer machines. There’s no heat, so there’s nothing to catch fire. The combination of these effects is really spectacular.

Only a select group of companies have been chosen to offer it to customers. So, if you choose this outstanding new system for your next event, you’re going to have something that most of your audience has never experienced before.

Sparkulars are only handled by our team of certified technicians.  Different variants of powder are then inserted into the unit’s inner chamber, which later produces the spark fountain.  All units on site are then linked to a master controller, where a specially-certified technician controls its use to the specifications of the event.

  • Sparkular units are offered ONLY with a specially-certified Geelong Fireworks technician
  • There is NO fire!  This is a fireworks simulator perfectly safe for indoor use
  • Sparkular’s fountain flow is completely safe to the touch, and has a timed, automatic shutoff feature for added safety
  • Sparkular requires minimal cleanup, and adheres to common interpretations of national, local and state fire codes.

The first cold spark indoor display machine in the world.

The advantages of using the system as opposed to traditional fireworks or pyrotechnics are as follows:

No hazardous materials to transport or store on site.

Much safer than using traditional pyrotechnics.

No large safety or exclusion zones are required as the units produce cold fallout which is perfectly safe.

Can be used in locations where fireworks and pyrotechnics are normallynot permitted.  Weddings, Award Nights, Product Launches...etc.

As no notifications are required for this product, if you suddenly want THESE type of effects (AND NO OTHER PYRO) this weekend or whenever........ Call us to see if we are free!  CONTACT US!

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                                  THE ULTIMATE IN INDOOR PYROTECHNICS  -  S P A R K U L A R   PRO !! :::::

Safety Test: Feather duster, styrofoamand Cellophane!

Safety Test:: Paper and skin!


The Sparkular Fountain System is the safest way to reach these effects.  Safety is always the number one concern when dealing with these types of effects. The SPARKULAR MACHINE operates at such cool temperatures; the sparks themselves are not flammable. The machines have multiply built-in safety protocols. We can control the start and stop of the effect at anytime.  This is the beginning of a new technology in the  world of stage of effects.

​The effect is simply created by heating a granulated alloy which is then blown from an opening in the top of the unit to create a fountain of sparks. 

​The effect has been designed for indoor use as it is extremely safe and does not present a fire risk, meaning that it can be safely used in practically any venue.