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This blood mix is a dark blood mix, when smeared it give a dark red color.   Great for use on walls, body etc. Does not bead on skin. Can be diluted with approximately 75% water for use in syringe pumps, air squib systems etc.

Our stage blood very rarely stains costumes, fabric, sets/props or people, but  IT WILL stain untreated concrete/gypsum, woodand other sponge-like porous materials, and occasionally it may stain family heirlooms and famous people.  Clean up with a rag in warm/hot water.

This blood is non staining, though if used repeatedly on the same spot, some color may become present.  The more it is thinned with water, the greater the staining potential.  Always test on fabrics before use.  NOT for use in mouth.  Use our SAFE BLOOD below for a blood that can be used in the mouth.   500 ml $38.00  1 litre $65.00

Thick Blood Options

SAFE BLOOD. Clings to the skin. Can be diluted if required. NOT for use on eyes:

Can be used in the mouth, but excessive consumption is not recommended.    A cold machine wash will remove  it from most clothes - but NO guarantees. TEST before smearing over that $1000 dress!   475ml   $75.00

Safe Blood Options


For when you need just a slow blood look.  Such as a stab wound etc.  Or for re-enactments.  Does not have the "punch" of an air squib hit but great when you just need slow - sleeping blood.  Remember: use a thin shirt or a porous costume. Nozzles can be re-used numerous times and will last for years. Complete with 1 air squib nozzle, 1 x precut  backing tape for attaching nozzle to clothing.  dispenser, tubing and instructions.  KIT ONLY blood NOT included $35.00 

This is the airsquib nozzle and single backing tape used for both the Slow Blood Kit and the Artery Kit.

Slow Blood Kit Options


Our fast blood pump kit with a special valve allows you to connect it to a plastic soft drink bottle.  THEN PUMP AWAY for when you need that big hit of blood flow under clothing.  Remove the brass nozzle and you can "squirt" blood, or add a Air Squib Nozzle for pumping blood (see video). It includes pump, extra 1m air squib tubing, brass nozzle and air squib nozzle. Does NOT include blood.  $50.00

Artery Kit Options


Fake Beer Concentrate is for when you need to drink on stage, in movies etc.  Also for showing underage drinking. One bottle makes 25 x 300ml glasses.  Extra foam by simply pouring in soda water higher!  Drinkable. Originally developed for an actor who could not drink alcohol, but had too in a film.      $49.00


This is a 2 part mix that produces an excellent long life foam.

For theatre/film and especially food photography.

THIS PRODUCT IS NOT FOR CONSUMPTION!!!!! DO NOT DRINK.  Simple mix and stir one bottle of A & B together to generate foam then spoon out into props.   $8.95


This professional Hollywood-quality retractable needle prop allows you to create a realistic syringe needle injection effect.

The custom built retractable needle features a solid core "needle" that retracts into a hidden spring-loaded cavity hidden inside the body of the needle unit. When the needle is "removed" the needle smoothly springs back out. 

 NOTE: our syringes DO NOT have a white inner chamber that is very common, and also is usually the dead giveaway for retractable needles in productions. Although the needle has a blunt end, it is still very small and CAN be dangerous if not used carefully.

Care should be used to evaluate and operate this prop to be sure that it is being used in a safe manner. For professional use by adults only.

This prop cannot contain or inject liquids. The needle is solid-core and as such does not constitute sales of a medical device.



Frankincense is used in special effects for creating smoke effects. When applied to a hot surface this tree resin will turn liquid and will give off a pleasant and aromatic smoke.

50GM $8.00      200GM $25.00     450GM $45.00



Flicker Flame Neon effect Candle Bulbs offer a decorative effect when used in lantern style fittings and table lamps.  Great for Theatre use.  Best use is where the lamp is totally visible, ie. no cover.  Lounges, hallways, bedrooms, chandeliers and wall lights. 240V 3W 1000 hours life span. Approximately 90mm high, 35mm wide.  Base is 22 mm Bayonet. (standard push in type) $7.95 each.


Flicker Candle is 250mm long, 20mm diameter. Drip effect. One of the higher quality looking candles in the market.  Uses 2xAA batteries (not supplied).  Simply twist base to turn on or off. These are a plastic candle.

Just $5.50 each!!!


A perfect candle if you want to extinguish candles at a séance (use CO2 pumped through the candlestick holder - and it is secretly piped up to the flame), or for other magical purposes.

Also works fine for self-lighting candles if you want to run invisible electrical wires through the candle and let a glow-wire light the wick when current is applied. You an even pump Lycopodium  through the secret channels (on your own risk!). Or combine a self-lighting and self extinguishing candle with wires into two channels and extinguishing gas into the other channels.

The candle will greatly simplify rigging as the four channels allow you to rig any of the above effects without being visible from the side. Note that the channels travel almost down to the bottom of the candle - so you will either have to cut the bottom of a party or drill through it, in order to pump gas or pull wires all the way through the candle. These have been used by the top SFX people overseas and have been kept an SFX industry secret.

The candle is made from the highest quality materials and the wick will burn normally with a deep yellow flame for a long time. Price per candle.  $9.50


This tank is a clever aid if you want to squirt imitation blood from a "wound". Fill it to 2/3 with liquid and top off with compressed air from tyre valve, and you are all set to squirt liquid all over

Works well for squirting imitation blood and is also good for comical "tears" shooting far over the audience from the glasses of a clown. Or maybe for someone urinating on cue (you know how difficult it is to do that under pressure of a whole camera team watching!)?  Or fill with plain air and inflate a "bump" on a wig after you hit your head.

In general a very good source of energy on a performer or actor as it is silent as it does not need batteries to work. Suppliedwith valve and the outlet shown in the photo. Add your own creativity to create your own effects. 

Perfect as an aid for your splatter film as it squirts a good amount of imitation blood from a cut throat or limb - but may also be used for a comedy effect where a cowboy drinks water after being "shot" numerous times - leaking water from the holes.

Or maybe an exaggerated sweat-scene in the style of Leslie Nielsen in "Airplane"?  May also inflate bladders, "fright wigs", muscles or balloons on an actor. We recommend that you strap the tank to your calf (under the pant leg), on your back, or pop it into a tank-pocket sewn into the costume.

Fill it with max 175 psi (12 bars) of air pressure and shoots a good sized water jet. Made from brass and aluminium and must not be filled with acids. Capacity 250 ML. Supplied with ball valve outlet. Size: 150 x 100  x 55mm  $225.00


A specially treated cloth, when ignited produces a whispy smoke.  Use in ashtrays, on clothing (with protection!) or to show the smoldering after effects of fire. 100mm square x 4  $12.00  (A single 2.5 x 2.5 cm (1’) square burns for approximately 1 minute)


HOT MELT (DO NOT USE ON SKIN!)  Glue sticks.  Use in standard glue guns or melt in "crock pot"/slow cooker for bulk use.  Made in USA.   Red: 12.5 x 100mm  Pkt 30 $30.00  Black: 12.5 x 100mm Pkt 30 $30.00  Glow: 6mm x 100m Pkt 60 $30.00

Glue Stick Options

3000W  BULBS

A European bulb-thread filled with metal wool. When the bulb is connected to battery voltage, the wool lights up with enormous power! One bulb is equivalent to about 50 x 60 watt bulbs lit for two seconds. Use 4.5 to 24 (NOT 240V) volt to ignite to fire the bulb. The bulb will be hot for a short time. Simulates the light from an explosion - but with no sound or smoke.  

Several hundred of these bulbs were used to "blow up a floor" in the movie "Die Hard" where all bulbs were rigged to fire when only one firing button was pressed. Was also used in the final sequence of "Raiders of the Lost Arc" where the bad guys are pierced by light beams. In this case, the actors were protected with insulation and CGI-elements were added.  Often used in movies for the nuclear white out effect.  Will only work once. Sensitive to static electricity.  REQUIRE  EDISON(SCREW IN BASE)  Each: $40.00 Pack of 12 $400.00


A & B BLOOD MIX - Professional Use Only

A Spectacular illusion! Two clear solutions. Apply solution A to a person’s anatomy beforehand. Solution B is applied to the weapon being used .Touch the weapon to the anatomy and the result is a spectacular streak of blood.  Example:  Solution 1 across the wrist.Solution A on the back of a knife blade.Draw the blade across the wrist and watch the unknowing audience gasp.  For more blood glue a strip of thin sponge to once side of the blade and pour Solution B on it.  Washes off with water.  WILL STAIN WARDROBE

Another popular effect is to prepare the bare back of a person with Solution A, Solution B is placed on a rope or whip.  This results in streaks of blood when the person is “whipped”.  Part A is toxic if taken internally. STRICTLY for professional use. Not for children. 200ml (100ml A, 100ml B) $69.00