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The POWERplus Igniter is a new state-of-the art igniter for popping balloons, lighting flash cotton/paper and even our COLOURED SMOKE!

Requires 9v power - from a firing system or a 9v Duracell Battery.  These are re-useable..if used for balloons and flash paper.  Single use for colour smoke cartridges. 

Note: we have fired them 40+ times, your mileage may vary.

SIMPLY tape to a balloon (at the widest part).  

Then touch the wires to a battery and BAM!   If you need to extend the wires, use similar wire to that on the igniter.

COLOUR SMOKE: no more hotmelt gluing igniters on...simply tape to the top of the coloured smoke with sticky tape. Please note, single use only as the igniter cannot be used again in this instance.

50cm lead wire.

1 igniter $3.00    10 igniters $25.00    50 igniters  $99.00

POWERPlus Igniter Options

Using PowerPlus Igniter on our COLOUR SMOKE CARTRIDGES