No matter what the event an OUTDOOR displays spells EXCITEMENT!

EVERYONE LOVES TO LOOK UP at HUGE shells exploding, and when combined with stunning ground effects (these still reach up to 50 metres high) in Z, W, patterns, multi effects, your audience is in for a fantastic fireworks display.

Massive roman candles, comet, mines and more add to the HIGH IMPACT of a Geelong Fireworks OUTDOOR DISPLAY.
Outdoor shows can be done on a small budget and can expand to a jaw dropping Sky Show.    

From a wedding display, to corporate events, community festivals, school fetes, whenever you need a reason for a brilliant display, we can do it for you.

We DO NOT, like many operators, have "package dispalys" i.e. Pack 1 $X dollars, Pack 2 $XX Dollars.

EVERY display is unique for you.  We take into consideration the safety distances we have, the TYPE of event, the public viewing points etc.

Our quotation to you is final. There are no hidden extras, unexpected fees etc.

What we quote is what you pay. 

Also, be aware there are many part-time operators.  They work other full time jobs and do just a few shows a year, and then tackle a major display - like yours!

Geelong Fireworks is a FULL TIME operation.  If you receive quotes stating they will use lots of product…how will you actually know???  As they say, if it looks too good to be true, it probably is.  Talk to us about "quotes" and what they really mean.

Your display starts with consultation with our Senior Pyrotechnician, followed by a site inspection.....there is no cost or obligation for this. We will then forward a proposal to you, and answer any questions you may have.  We take care of the entire notification process  to authorities.

You simply sit back and enjoy the show!



Venues that host regular events - such as reception centres, hotels etc. - are becoming increasingly conscious of the impact that their corporate functions and weddings have on the local environment, as well as the benefits of acting responsibly. Local residents, wildlife, cattle and pets are all important considerations for any venue, and nobody wants to be thought of as a bad neighbour. 

Noise is the most important part of this, and as a result Geelong Fireworks  has researched and developed material that can be used to create quieter firework displays, especially for use at event venues that host corporate events, private parties and weddings. We’re sensitive souls ourselves, and as much as we enjoy having our ribcages rattled by highly percussive firework displays, we also appreciate that there is a time and a place for everything. If you have young children and live near a wedding venue that had fireworks displays every weekend of the year then you’ll understand where we’re coming from.

So the good sentiment is there. The neighbours are happy. But what about your clients? What about the people who have paid good money to see an impressive firework display for their party or wedding? How impressed will they be with a quiet fireworks display? Surely the noise is half of the impact? Not so. To design a quiet firework display certainly takes more consideration than designing a “traditional” noisy display and a different design approach, but clever firing patterns, a huge variety of quiet effects and pretty colours all help make our quiet displays exciting and beautiful.

There's also the option to choroegraph both corporate and wedding firework displays to music, which can be even more impressive with digitally fired quiet fireworks than with the traditonal noisy fireworks. Yes, quiet fireworks create a different style of display, but they are often just as impressive, if not more impressive, than traditional displays.

A quiet firework may still create quite a "pop" at ground level but the noise is much reduced and the burst in the sky is a lot quieter. Our Low noise displays are much more than different colour comets, they really are brilliant. It may be difficult to arrange a quiet display at short notice as the fireworks used are quite specialised and much sort after SO PLEASE, give us as much notice as possible,

                                                                           Her first fireworks show!

                                                                 SETUP OF A FIREWORKS DISPLAY: