Our supplier of flash products manufactures a range of unique magic items which we carry as well.

FOR THE ITEMS BELOW, like any other providers of tricks/props in the world, there are no refunds.  Please be careful in choosing your item, as the value of any magic effects lies within it's working and secret.   We will replace faulty merchandise (as long as product has not been tampered with or abused)  with the same product but we cannot offer cash or credit refunds.All units have a 6 month limited warranty, excluding elements.

TOTAL MINIMUM ORDER IS $20.00 excluding delivery.

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This is amazing!  NO need to know how to "manipulate" cards. You can keep the music box in its case or take it out, so that it is more examinable. $80.00  (Props - candle and cards not included)


The Card in Balloon is a classic.  Now it is Remote Control.  A card is chosen and even signed and put in the deck.  Set the deck into the frame.  Via remote control the balloon pops revealing the chosen card!   Comes with frame and CD.  You supply deck of cards and balloons.  $220.00 


 Great for the professional magician or mentalist.  Instant repeat, do over and over.  Ready to use. $50.00


EASY TO DO!  This is a fully functional marker.  Carry this Sharpie marker in your pocket and be ready to twist a key in a moments notice, any time, anywhere.  Get the spectator to sign a key.  Twist in a second. No switches, nothing added, nothing taken away.  Do it right in front of their noses and  they will have no idea how it happened.  And yes, the ink is refillable. Includes instructional CD. We will even throw in a key!   $54.00


Shot glass appears. then floats and vanishes!  Great walk around product.  $60.00


This table does it all!  Table floats with just your hands on top.  Then float using a foulard, finally it walks across the floor !!!  Candle is not included.  (you can get one of our remote candles, or ignite an ordinary candle with Wanna Flash).   $695.00 includes CD and all batteries.  


This effect was made for the spectator so that they can get as close as the can.  Just pull HOW from your pocket and you are ready to perform.  Available in Lipbalm or Marker version.   Encourage your spectators to examine them, let them place HOW on end.  Can be examined before, during or after performance.  No resets, do over and over.  No thread, no wire, no thumbtips.  Lip balm $21.00 Marker $24.00

Choose Version


Clever way to dispense candy treats (or cigarettes).  Watch the video of how this magic box works…it really is like magic (spellbinding).  The box measures (approximately) 160x115x70mm. Holds 17 candy sticks/cigarettes. Vintage Style hypnotism is the style of the box.  $24.00


Case is approx. 44.5 x 31.6 x 10 cm. with combination locks. Case supplied is upgraded attache case, not aluminium case as in video.

A mentalist's dream!  Will allow you to perform many of your own PK effects with the press of a handheld remote control.  You can also carry you PK effects in the case.  Comes with a small pedestal that will allow you to ignite flash paper, cotton, bills etc.  It will even pop a balloon.  Comes complete with pedestal, PK lumber, PK Marker and CD. $595.00 (PK coin not included)  $595.00


This one is a reputation maker!  Show 3 colorful silks and instantly produce a stack of 3 fishbowls filled with sand, colored water, fish etc.  We will show you 3 ways that you can produce these bowls with ease.  Complete with plastic fish bowls (you can replace them with glass once you have learnt how to do this production) and cd-rom video.  (you need to supply the 24 inch silks and optional fish :-)  $100.00


You can write what you want on the "blank" card or get business card stickers printed and stick on the card.
VERY easy to do.   $4.00 


45 cm wheel, total extension height is  120 cm.  On/Off, Forward/Reverse switch behind wheel. Folds down flat for transport.           $135.00

HOLY #%*/@

Item IS re-useable.   Instructional CD included. No batteries required.   $55.00


Just 1 teaspoon of Slush Powder will gell a glass of water instantly! Turn any liquid into an instant gel. This fast-acting powder is one of the most versatile and powerful utility items around.    Using just a small amount of this incredible powder you can apparently make any liquid vanish, transform, change places and much more.  FREEZE  a drink, 3 cup monte!    Put a teaspoon of Slush Powder in a styrofoam cup, pour in a glass of water then push a pencil  through the cup, twirl the cup on the pencil!   Many other uses for this product.  56 gms just $7.95

PK MAGNETIC RING (great for working with "Hot Latte")

Rare Earth PK Ring, 20mm internal diameter.  $12.00.


Slush Powder lets you do the impossible! Armed with this secret weapon, you'll be able to perform miracles. Slush Powder gives you the power to perform trick that formerly required cumbersome gimmicks and apparatus with the greatest of ease, and very little preparation. For years, Slush Powder has been an overlooked accessory in the world of magic. Now, with this booklet, some careful thought and practice, you'll be able to perform a wide variety of trick sure to stun any audience.  The step by step instruction in this book give you all the details on how to work easy-to-do miracles with this secret substance. $7.50  


DAL VERNON’S famous cone and ball routine.  Halloween style.  Comes with beautiful cone (witch’s hat), silk (print will vary), three wooden balls (pumpkin, black cats) and detailed instructions.   4.5cm balls. Does Require Practice.  Complete set  $185.00


This trick is a demonstration of ESP and has a lasting impression on the spectator.  The spectator is involved from beginning to end.  They choose any of the ESP symbols from the cards.  It does not matter which one they choose.  The top is spun on a board full of ESP symbols.  Top spins and moves back and forth and will land on the the identical symbol as chosen by the spectator.  The board, cards and top are made of fine wood. A nice professional look and feel.  Complete with video instructions. $350.00


A Prayer Vase (also known as Genie in a Bottle)  like no other.  Nothing added, nothing taken away.  All examinable.  $30.00


One wooden paddle made from birchwood.  Comes with paddle and instructions. Show both sides with woman in hat and dress, then in the buff. An old classic. Be the life of the party!  $8.85


Imagine sitting on a chair and being tapped from behind…but no one is there!  Or receive a series of taps as a code.  This chair will deliver these effects to be used in a haunting, seance or mental platforms by remote control.  Chair, with instructions  $695.00 


This is a beautiful well crafted Lota Bowl with the chinese symbol meaning water.  Each bowl is hand crafted.  The glass is hand painted and baked for a lasting finish.  The bowl is approximately 100mm high and holds enough water to fill over 6 shot glasses.  $65.00  

Six Shot Glasses $10.00


Great for the walk around performer.  Spectator places a wooden block into one of 5 matchboxes while your back is turned.  You turn around and are able to tell which box has the block in it without touching them.  Or you can take 5 plastic caps (included) and have the spectator place a coin (magnetic, not included) under one of them.  Possibilities are endless.  Wand is made of brass and is approximately 30cm long.  Complete with wand, 5 matchboxes (you can replace these with Aussie matchboxes if you wish), gimmicked block, 5 plastic caps and CD ROM, 1 x AAA battery  $95.00 


The zombie was placed in the test tube to keep him from eating brains.  This seemed like the thing to do. But you cannot keep a hungry zombie caged for very long…the zombie escapes to reap havoc searching for more brains to eat.  Resets instantly, repeatable, everything can be examined, easy to do.   Zombie is approximately 55 mm tall and the tube approximately 80mm long.   Complete with instructional cd-rom $30.00


"Here's a nifty pocket trick to carry around.” Great story line.A bride was terrified that her groom had cold feet. To be sure that he would be there for the special day the bride caged her groom in this test tube. The special day came. The groom was wheeled to the altar and when the bride went to release her groom to say the vows - He vanished!Moral: YOU CAN’T GROW LOVE IN A TEST TUBE - DONT CAGE YOUR LOVE - LIVE IN FEAR OR YOUR LOVE MIGHT DISAPPEAR!!!!   Hands are shown empty. Resets instantly, Repeatable - great for stolling magicians. Everything can be examined! Easy to do. Groom is approx 55mm  tall, test tube is approx 80mm long Comes with instructions $30.00


This table is perfect for your indoor haunt or spook show. You have full control at all times. 

The table will move objects that you place on table in an eerily manner and even knock them off the table if you wish. Glides eerily across smooth surfaced floors.(linoleum, wooden flooring, smooth cement floors, etc) Turn on and off using a keychain remote control 10-15 metres away.   The spirits will show their presence at your next seance. Also great for the mentalist, psychic phenomenon effect. Spectators can place their hands on table to summon the dead and feel the spirits as well as see them. Your spectators can look the table over and never see the mechanism. 

The table is 300mm  x 400mm x 875 mm and comes apart to pack flat. Built of quality cheap substitutes...not flimsy. ITEMS SHOWN ON TOP OF THE HAUNTED TABLE IN DEMO ARE NOT INCLUDED.    $595.00  


Great penetration effect. Self Contained.  Comes with wooden ship coin, matchbox, card and CD.  An amazing effect, just $20.00