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Performer hands out heart shape lock and key to spectator. Who unlocks and locks to show it is a working lock. Cord  is threaded onto lock. Key placed in spectators hand along with the corded lock. instructed to close hand around such the ends are left hanging. Pull cord from the lock!  $45.00


This box beautifully crafted in teak wood is used for a highly effective penetration of solid through solid. Performer displays a small wooden box slotted on top and bottom through which a coin can pass. A glass sheet is placed inside the box. There seems to be no way possible for the coin to go through the box unless it penetrates the glass sheet. Yet the performer manages to do just that.  $15.00


This classic magic puzzle now comes in this shiny new form. A small metal ring is looped onto a metal spring. It is impossible to remove the ring unless you know the secret.  $2.50 EACH



If your a fan of Witches or Toads you will want to add this item to your collection.  All can be examined before and after no matter which witch hat Toady is placed under you can find him even if Toady is placed upside down (spectator is funnin with you) you just say Toady is being bashful.

This just blows them away!   NO STRINGS  NO THREADS  NO HAIR  NO HIGHS  NO LOWS  You'll love the's diabolical.  Comes with all shown, broom may vary. $50.00


 This illusion got its name This Is Cool, because it is so cool to imprison a 10 coin and then push toothpicks clean through the coin! Watch the video, perform immediately!  Great for table performers as you can use the toothpicks at the table.  So visual, yet very compact.  Comes complete with Australian 10c coin. $65.00


A "slug", solid metal disc is transformed in a blink of an eye into a washer.  Check out the video! $34.00


Pearl is just the pocket trick to open a routine for the lady.  Bring out a small shell and it turns into a large lovely pearl. Easy to do.