“Indoor” and "Close Proximity” pyrotechnics describes products that have been specifically engineered for use close to audiences and structures.
They are being used extensively in theme parks, music concerts, and indoor venues.  And they are being used with great safety and control, because of their precise and predictable performance.
Since they are designed for firing close to audiences,  they are much more entertaining,  while using only a fraction of the explosive content ofconventional fireworks.


We are on the cutting edge of technology for indoor and close proximity pyrotechnics.
From indoor sporting or concert events to weddings, we can create the same excitement and entertainment that we create outdoors.

Of course, room size and other requirements will help determine the size and scope of the display.
We follow the strictest safety procedures at all times.
These can also be used in outdoor areas where you want you clients to have a more "up close and personal" experience.
Beautiful ice fountains, silver to gold fountains, red flashes of sparks, fireballs, stunning gold leaf fireworks, flame projectors, explosions, you name it we can do it indoors for you.