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PICK UP IS NOT AVAILABLE under ANY circumstances.

WE DO NOT SHIP EXPRESS / OVERNIGHT / URGENT under any circumstances.  Order early before your event.  


Our GR balloon kit  has everything you need!

Our kit contains

1 x 90cm BLACK GR Balloon NOT INFLATED! prefilled with Pink, Blue or both! Circle Tissue Confetti.

1 x Pin

1 x Balloon Clip

1 x Hand Pump*

2 metres of Pink and Blue Ribbon to attach to your balloon.

All this for $25.00

*The hand balloon pump is a low cost option for inflating. If you have access to a small tyre compressor etc this will make it much easier. But it can be done with the hand pump. Just takes longer!  Never inflate large balloons by mouth.

Tissue confetti is the best for balloons, it will tend to float and swirl a bit when popped. Please note: We STRONGLY SUGGEST you get a friend etc, who you don’t mind finding out the gender, to inflate and tie your balloon.  There is always a chance some confetti may come out whilst inflating or unpacking the balloon.

GR Ballloon Kit Options