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This wand is an effect on it's own.  Fire travels up the wand and a mushroom cloud of smoke emits from the end.  Nice wooden wand brass tipped, great for making things appear.  Requires flash paper and flash string. Smoke Powder Included.$79.00




Great opening into your favourite sponge ball and coin routines.  May a shot glass of drink appear.  Or it is a great illusion on its own.  This small tray produces objects in a flash.  “SEEING IS BELIEVING” Requires Flash Cotton  $95.00 


MY GENIE - rub the Genie's bottle...a flash of fire or smoke! You choose.  $95.00  Requires flash string, paper, cotton. Smoke Powder included.

SPARKLE POT - World Wide Exclusive

Produces fire balls, flashes, aerial bursts!!  NO igniters, auto turn off!  Requires Flash cotton, Flash Paper and Sparkle Additive for spark effects.  Complete with USB instructional video and batteries.  REMOTE CONTROL!

The Sparkle pot is great for producing effects you would normally require a pyrotechnician for.  See the SPARK SHOT below...can be shot vertically or horizontally.  The Mega Comet shot is on the bottom right.  $250.00

SHOTS OF FIRE - our largest flash effect yet!

This unit uses 4 SHEETS OF FLASH PAER (20 X 25CM)  EACH USE AND  FLASH COTTON. Complete with video instructional and batteries. $195.00


Easy to use, awesome effect!  Put on your magic table or desk! Wired foot control!

You can use black or white flash cotton in the eyesin this device. $65


They will all question how you produce a fishbowl from 2 small placards!  Easy to do.  $99.00


So what is the Devil’s Hank without Fire?  Makes absolutely no sense.  The video says it all.  Hank is pliable for easy folding during your performance.  Hank is 50cm square.   Requires Flash Cotton and Flash Paper. Red Bandana Hank supplied. $99.00


Great for teaching fire safety with children, or great for a comedian with a cooking act.  Open a box of kitchen matches.  Flames emit from the box. Then suddenly the flames are gone.  Show the inside to reveal unstruck matches. You can substitute sponge balls, silks etc for the matches.  Drawer is left open while change occurs.  Requires lighter fluid.   $55.00

FLASH PAPER DELIGHT ++ For the professional magician only - requires practice ++

Throw fire any time anywhere leaving your hands clean.   (Written instructions, no video)

Famous demonstrator of magic, AL COHEN: "The best device for igniting flashpaper I've ever seen."  $75.00


Flash from Anywhere Options

A great addition to your effect library.  Add a wallop of flash to those production boxes and cabinets.  Or anything else!  Wand or Sharpie Version.  Device is 50 x 50 x 14 mm.  Supplied with instructions on DVD and 1 x N Battery, A27 Battery in remote. Requires Flash paper and Flash cotton. This great device can be attached to a prop and then with a wave of your wand - FLASH! $85.00


This box is not the same as in the Flash From Anywhere video, but is very easy to use and attach the Flash From Anywhere. Very easy to use.  Size is 17cm high, 12cm wide, 12cm deep. $40.00