FIRE PRODUCTS/MAGIC/ILLUSIONS:  FOR THE ITEMS BELOW, like any other providers of tricks/props in the world, there are no refunds.  Please be careful in choosing your item, as the value of any magic effects lies within it's working and secret.   We will replace faulty merchandise (as long as product has not been tampered with or abused)  with the same product but we cannot offer cash or credit refunds. Product warranty is 12 months from date of purchase excluding elements.

All items use ELECTRONIC ignition.  NO FLINT WHEELS.  NO glo-plugs.

Use flash pads/American thin paper in these devices. If you want to try Premium/Thick,TEST first with care.

You must be 18 years of age or older to purchase products on this webpage. By ordering, you confirm that you are over 18 and take all responsibility for any accidents or problems that may occur with the use of these products.  Flash and fire products are inherently dangerous. They are designed and sold to be used by professional entertainers.  We have no control once the item leaves our premises,  therefore manufacturer or seller assumes no liability for misuse. Geelong Fireworks and its partners are not liable for damage, injury or death caused by the intentional use or misuse of any of the products contained herein. It is understood and agreed that the customer assumes responsibility and full liability at the time of purchase. If you have not used flash/fire products before, get training from a suitable mentor in your profession. Fire & Flash products are not for children. All sales are final.

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VICTORIA:  Melb & Suburbs, Colac, Bendigo, Shepparton, Ballarat, Echuca, Wodonga, $10.00  Horsham, Stawell, Ararat, W/bool, Portland, Hamilton $20.00  All other Vic $25.00

NSW:  Sydney & Suburbs, Tamworth, Orange, Canberra, Wagga Wagga, Yarrawonga, Central Coast, Newcastle, Port Macquarie, Coffs Harbour, Northern Rivers (and surrounding areas) $10.00 All other NSW $30.00

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SA:  Adelaide and surrounding Suburbs  $10.00   All other SA $30.00

TAS:  Launceston,. Hobart and surrounding suburbs $10.00  All other Tas $30.00

WA:  Perth and surrounding suburbs: $10.00  All other WA and NT : $35.00 allow 10-14 days for delivery.



Easy to do.  Produce 1, 2, or up to four coins in a flash.  Produce coins the magical way then proceed with your coin matrix or routine.  Small, compact and powerful.  Requires Flash Cotton. Uses 10 cent coins. $75.00


This product can be used in both grim or funny programs. Open an ordinary newspaper, while reading a certain page, suddenly, the newspaper is on fire with huge flames on end.  The trick can be done repeatedly. To put it out just close the newspaper. Requires Lighter fluid. No newspaper is supplied.  Easy to attach a magazine, newspaper or attach this gimmick to props etc.  ELECTRONIC IGNITION.  (Note: this is NOT the flint wheel version)


Anytime, anyplace, pull a cloth from your pocket or from the table, give it a few shakes and in a FLASH, instantly produce a shot glass filled with your choice of firewater. Self contained. Requires BLACK  flash cotton.    $99.00


Easy to use, great addition to your performance. Just a touch of your finger or wand, and the wick will ignite with a real flame. Batteries included. Requires flash paper. White only. $125.00


Electronic. No flint wheels.  Does NOT use glo-plugs. NO replacements needed! Requires flash cotton and paper. $75.00


Electronic. No flint wheels. Made of bamboo and brass.  Requires lighter fluid/shellite and flash cotton to operate.  Flash paper pads are optional for fireball effect.     $160.00 



The performer takes a piece of newsprint clips it to the bull dog clip, and proceeds to demonstrate the power of his laser pointer. He points the laser at the newsprint and up it goes in a flash.  Or the performer takes a book of matches clips the matches to the bull clip. He can use his laser pointer or his mental thoughts. Cool huh!

A spectator writes a message or use a signed bill. Clip it to the bull dog clip. Point the laser at it. It goes up in a flash. Reproduce it in your favourite fashion.  This is a remote control unit. You are at full control at all times. You can do it over and over, no reset, put it in the bull clip. You can do all kinds of great FIRE magic. The uses are endless. Remote has a distance of 15 metres (it even works thru walls) Think of the possibilities...endless.   Does require (not included) flashpaper, flashcotton, or flash notes. $350.00



GREAT for the strolling magician.  Take a piece of newsprint (printed flashpaper), flash notes, flash cotton or book matches.  "Adjust" the laser, point and up it goes in a flash.  Spectator can examine and use the pointer.  Uses: flash paper/cotton/notes $    NOTE:  Laser Flash Jnr. is supported by a cord. $90.00


There are similar illusions where there is fire in the palm, but none like this. Self Igniting, silent, no flint wheels, no sore thumbs!!  Package includes 2 units, instructional CD ROM, 4 tiny rechargeable batteries and a charger. Requires lighter fluid  $170.00

Fire Starter comes complete with a charger. The charger operates on 110Volts. DO NOT attempt to operate the charger on 240V.  If you require a  240V to 110 volt transformer:  $45.00 (or try your local electronics store or Ebay).


The fire starter is a magician's dream. No resets, silent in working, all electronic. Use it over and over. Nothing to replace. Ignites flash paper, notes, cotton, string.  Comes complete with rechargeable batteries, charger, cd rom.  $115.00

Fire Starter comes complete with a charger. The charger operates on 110Volts. DO NOT attempt to operate the charger on 240V.  If you require a  240V to 110 volt transformer:  $45.00 (or try your local electronics store or Ebay).


Accept only the original. EASY TO DO. Don't settle for imitations of this great effect.  Open the lid and flames emit from the jar and lid.  You can even pull out a flaming chilli pepper.  Requires lighter fluid and flash cotton.  $115.00


If you can press a button, you can perform the Chalice of Fire.  Produce a flaming chalice from a silk or your favourite production item.  Blow out the flame and pull out a silk, pour our rice, whatever fits into the chalice.  Great for Stage, Parlour and even close up. SO EASY to do.  Requires lighter fluid.   $125.00


This is the Rolls Royce of floating chalices.  Produce a flaming chalice and show it around, let go of the chalice and it floats, blow out the flame and produce a silk, pour out rice etc.  No wire or threads.  EVERYTHING is built in to the chalice.  SO easy to do.  Requires lighter fluid.  $180.00


Easy to do.  Bring out a large box of matches, show both sides and put on table.  The match box will open itself, then the matches will ignite!  Fully self contained, do anywhere and show hands empty.  Use the same matchbox over and over again, just replace the matches!  1x N Battery included.  Requires flash paper.  $160.00


Light candles, torches, dove pans. NO Lighters here! You will find many uses for the WANNA FLASH.  A burst of fire from a deck of cards, change purse…you name it. Requires flash cotton. $42.00


Pull a pocket watch from your pocket, close your hands around it and in a flash the watch vanishes….only to reappear back in your pocket. Requires BLACK flash cotton. . $99.00


This is a great effect for an opening or an ending or any time during your performance. Throw a ball of fire. From the ball of fire a rainbow of high quality satin ribbons flutter gracefully. Gather the ribbons up and produce whatever you want. (bird)etc... Requires: flashcotton and flashpaper pads. $110.00



This is a beauty, made of brass. Just tap to ignite flash paper, cotton or string.  Use over and over, no resets.  Silent in working, complete with instructions and batteries.  Requires any of these: flash paper, flash string or flash cotton.  30cm long $120.00


The ultimate electronic fire wallet. NO FLINTS. Requires lighter fluid  Available in Black, Tan and Dark Brown. The Fire Wallet comes complete with a charger.  $168.00

Fire Wallet Colors

The charger operates on 110Volts. DO NOT attempt to operate the charger on 240V.  If you require a  240V to 110 volt transformer: $45.00 (or try your local electronics store or Ebay).


Electronic.  No flint wheels. Does NOT use glo-plugs. NO replacements needed!   Requires flash cotton and paper. $159.00   


Electronic.  No flint wheels.   Mega Flash requires flash paper and cotton. (Uses 1 x sheet  of 25 x 20cm flash paper per flash!)      $55


You display a box of popcorn.  You pour some unpopped popcorn into the box.  To your surprise the popcorn isn't popping.  "OH  I Know what I forgot…some heat!"  Suddenly the box bursts into flames, the popcorn starts popping, flying right out of the box.  It's cool.  It's wild. It's POP-N-HOT. Includes box, unit and instructions.  Requires Lighter Fluid and flash cotton, oh, and POPPEDpopcorn! .  Silent in working, except for the noise of popcorn popping!   $107.00


A canister and six rings. The spectator places the loose rings into the canister. POOF! A flash of fire, pour the rings out and they are WELDED together. REMEMBER : The spectator places the rings into the canister.  Also requires flash cotton.   $52.00


Just toss in the rubbish and you have an awesome effect.  YOU control how much flame and smoke comes from the basket. Complete with basket.  Required flash cotton, flash paper. $170.00 


The photo in the frame will bust into flames….and reveal a message if you wish. Come with frame  and 1 N Size battery, plus printing on flash paper instructions! REQUIRES THICK FLASH PAPER $195.00


Show a frame of roses to that special lady in the audience.  In one magic word…kiss… or whatever you prefer there is a flash and now in the frame a bouquet of roses.  No cover. Happens in full view.  Includes frame and flowers, frame design may vary.   Requires Flash Cotton.  $110.00 


Uses BBQ starter blocks…light with match/lighter etc.  Will create a flame 40cm tall that will burn for 15 minutes.  If you drop the torch or release it, a spring loaded safety mechanism will slide over the flame and extinguish it in a fraction of a second.  Will only produce minute amounts of smoke. No more trying to import "specific" butane packs for other torches. Nothing beats a REAL FLAME! $499.00