HEARTS OF FIRE...flaming hearts!  130 cm wide, 110 cm high.

Firework writing (or Lancework as we call it) enable us to put your message in fireworks.  We hold the rights to an exclusive method where each ONE METRE HIGH LETTER is perfect in shape.  No wobbly letters or bits falling off (we have seen happen with other providers) with our Lancework.  All one color, variety of colors, even different colors in each letter.

Our hearts use the same precision techniques, from small hearts to our WOW!! 2 metre heart (we can also put your initials in the heart).

COPORATE LOGOS can be produced using this high precision technique.

Your LOGO is as important to us and it is to you.  Don’t trust it to those using old techniques which give less than perfect results. 


We offer our burning fire flame writing as well.  This can be by itself or in conjunction with theatrical fireworks.

Letters cans be produced in standard flame colour, or red, green, orange and purple.