At Geelong Fireworks, we offer a variety of services for scattering ashes of your loved one or friend by incorporating their cremation ash into fireworks. Sending them off in style by providing a firework spectacular to remember them by, with either one of amazing professionally fired displays.

Our compassionate and caring staff will help you with arranging all aspects of your special firework tribute and can liaise with yourself, family member, the funeral directors over the carriage of your loved one’s ashes and the incorporating process.

The whole process has been respectfully developed to be caring, tasteful, discreet and professional with our highly qualified technicians. Our unique technique will safely embed your loved one’s ashes into our specially designed, tested, secure and quality checked ashes fireworks to accompanied by our trained operators to scatter the ashes during your memorial firework display.

"Hi Steve, I’ve been meaning to email you to say thank you so much for the fireworks you did for us with Caz's ashes in. They were fantastic and the highlight of our celebration of Caz's  life that we had on November 5th, which would’ve been her 49th birthday.

We had all her friends and family there and with some champagne and a few cocktails we sent her off in style.

Everyone was so impressed with the display and respect from you and your crew, in fact several people thought it was a fantastic idea for themselves when the time comes. Once again our heartfelt thanks for allowing us the chance to honour Caz's wishes in such style."

Geelong Fireworks make your loved one’s passing a happier occasion and more of a ‘celebration of life’ where family and friends can remember someone as they were in life.

A fireworks display can be large or small, loud and spectacular or quiet and beautiful; whatever would suit the person in mind.

Let us know something about the individual’s character and their favourite colours and we will inject their personality into the design of the fireworks display. To organise and prepare a celebration of life display we need a minimum of 30 days notice, and if the funeral ashes are to be scattered by the fireworks, we will need the ashes 7 days before the display date to prepare the fireworks.

The venue chosen must be suitable for a fireworks display to be held safely, but Geelong Fireworks will carry out a free site visit and full risk assessment to ensure fireworks are possible.

You may not wish to have the ashes scattered, and prefer a tribute fireworks show without this option. The choice is yours. 

"They’ll have huge smiles and tears running down their faces. It’s quite an unusual mixture of emotions"

Although many people still see a religious service as a key part when someone dies, the subsequent disposal of ashes is being considered by many families and friends in more imaginative ways.

Most people now want to make the event a happier one. It’s not something that happens at the funeral ceremony, but some weeks or months later at a family gathering or party, once people have had the opportunity to grieve.

It is paramount when putting on a Memorial fireworks display that we meet any requirements the venue may have. Such as restrictions on access as well as noise. Additionally we will also ascertain the maximum suitable firework size.


*FINAL FLIGHT is a registered business name of Geelong Fireworks.