Your 30% deposit locks in your event.  By paying a deposit, we then refuse other bookings for that date.  Whether your event is 2 weeks or 2 years away, your deposit is NOT refundable under any circumstances, including but not limited to: cancellation by you or any other party; refusal by venue to allow fireworks, pyrotechnics, special effects etc.; cancellation of any permit issued by CFA; cancellation by any other stake holder / authority - Council, CASA, Worksafe, Parks Victoria etc.  With regard to a CFA/MFB/Total Fire Ban or cancellation of an Approved Fire Restriction Permit  your deposit is retained and the balance refunded.

If your event is within 30 days of your booking, payment is required in full.  In such circumstances  30% of the full payment will be deemed the deposit and subject to the deposit terms and conditions throughout these Display Terms and Conditions. This also applies if you have paid for your event in full outside of 30 days.  Your deposit is refunded in full if Geelong Fireworks cancels your booking


Final Payment of the balance is required 30 days before your event date. Should you fail to make payment(s) on time as per our invoice dates, Geelong Fireworks will not be liable for not attending your event and your deposit will not be refunded.


These terms are applicable for all services provided by Geelong Fireworks, including, but not limited to: Firework Displays, Indoor Pyrotechnics, Special effects.  Should the client wish to cancel the supply of these services regardless of any reason what-so-ever, cancellations must be made in writing (email is acceptable)  with the following refund terms applying:

3.1 More than 30 days prior to the event, Geelong Fireworks will retain the non-refundable deposit.

3.2 Less than 14-30 days prior to the event Geelong Fireworks will retain 50 % of the invoice value.

3.3 Less than 14 days notice, Geelong Fireworks will retain 100% of the invoice value.

3.4 If any services are subcontracted out by Geelong Fireworks the client must pay all costs for these services in full within 7 days of cancellation (eg barge hire, security services etc).


Geelong Fireworks reserves the right to substitute product due to supply disruptions, venue configuration etc


If we are unable to fire our pyrotechnics (indoor fireworks) for any safety reasons such as guests being within our required clearance zone, no refunds will made. If products are damaged accidently or otherwise by guests or venue staff no refunds will be made.  Any verbal or physical abuse to Geelong Fireworks crew will not be tolerated under any circumstances.  Our crew are instructed to immediately cease all activity and pack up.  No refund will be made.


This applies for weddings where our indoor pyrotechnics services are used. It is a requirement that a copy of your schedule/running sheet is emailed to us 5 (FIVE) business days prior to your event. If your schedule changes on the night we allow a ONE HOUR window of  time. After this you will be post invoiced at $100.00 per hour or part thereof.


In the unlikely event that indoor pyrotechnics do not fire as required due to a manufacturing issue we will refund on the individual firework that did not work. This will be $50.00 per firework, to a maximum of $200.00 per event.  Note: Geelong Fireworks is not the manufacturer of the pyrotechnic products.


Geelong Fireworks crew must have easy access to all venues. All gates etc. must be unlocked for vehicles.  We will not be responsible for delays in setup/firing/shortened display time etc. due to delays in accessing venues. On site parking for the duration of our stay at your event is required. 


You acknowledge that you give consent for Geelong Fireworks to conduct and provide their services/products at the specified location/venue and that the venue has approved Geelong Fireworks to provide those services/products at that location/venue.  Smoke Alarms may need to be isolated by venues.


 At all times safety is paramount.  Geelong Fireworks may cease firing until the situation can be rectified.  If the Geelong Fireworks operator deems the situation unsuitable to continue, the display/production will be ceased. No refunds/compensation will be made.


The Company will not be held responsible or liable in any way, form or manner whatsoever for the following:  As a result of any third-party cleaning fees after the fireworks/pyrotechnics event, including but not limited to debris, confetti, snow, bubble effects. As a result of any unforeseen and/or any unauthorised human intervention.  If an appropriate zone on a Fire Indicator Panel has been isolated and a fire breaks out within the building that results in the Metropolitan Fire Service or any other Emergency Service not being called out; For false alarms on a Fire Indicator Panel and any cost arising due to the Metropolitan Fire Service or any other Emergency Service being called out.  If any services are subcontracted out by the Company to provide the agreed fireworks display and the fireworks display is cancelled the client must pay all costs for these services in full within 7 days of cancellation (ie barge hire, security services, notifications to residents etc).

FORCE MAJEURE Certain events beyond the reasonable control of the Company may inhibit the Company from fulfilling their duties and obligations. The Company will not be held liable for events beyond their reasonable control in conjunction with Force Majeure. In the occurrence of a Force Majeure event, the Company is not liable to the Client for, and is released from liability in respect of failure or delay in Services for any reason. Neither party shall be in breach of its obligations under this agreement (other than payment obligations) or incur any liability to the other party for any losses or damages of any nature whatsoever incurred or suffered by that other party if and to the extent that it is preventable.

CUSTOM BUILD OR PRODUCTION If any special variation or construction of new equipment is required to be specially designed and/or produced for the event, the Company reserves the right to collect partial or full payment of the equipment being produced prior to commencement of the production. The amount will be notified in writing at the time of booking.


One  aspect we cannot control is the weather. Should we make the decision on the day of your show that your show cannot go ahead due to adverse weather conditions then 60% of your full payment is refunded. If however the Pyrotechnics Crew has already set up the show on site, there is no refund.


In case of illness/accident of your operator and if a replacement operator cannot be found within 1 hour, we will refund in full. In any situation our liability is to the maximum of money paid by the client. 


Geelong Fireworks may take photos/film of your event for promotional purposes including but not limited to: our website, Facebook and Instagram. If you prefer us not to do so, please advise in writing.


By signing our online booking form you confirm you have read and accepted these Display Terms and Conditions.