Ice Fountains/Bottle Fountains are attached with a special holder to champagne bottles or  wine bottles to add a wow factor to presentation. Often used at major events when customers purchase a premium bottle.

PLEASE NOTE HOWEVER: ICE FOUNTAINS as they are known, are NOT available to the general public in Victoria, despite them being sold in some Dollar Shops and similar. It is illegal for you to purchase and use them.  Venues should note that a licensed pyrotechnician is required  to discharge these items.

Contact us to provide a quote for your venue.  In general we cover the full night of service. Weddings etc:  It would be uneconomical to have us travel to your event  and  light just one fountain!  

However if you have contracted us to say, do your wedding dance etc. we can quote on adding ice fountains.  We can provide just  the Ice Fountain service if you wish to provide a fountain on every champagne bottle that goes out to all tables for the toast at your function.

Again - a licensed pyrotechnician is required to provide and light these fountains.