Actor Cigarette Kit:

THE Realistic Smoking Electronic Cigarette Prop System -designed specifically for Stage and Screen  

When an actor must portray the act of smoking to fulfill the role of a character, Actor Cigarettes allow a realistic effect, without harm to the actor or persons surrounding the actor. The unit is a standard cigarette sized electronic device that generates a safe non-toxic vapour that allows the realistic action of smoking without any exposure to actual smoke, carcinogens, nicotine or smell.

This is now the BEST way to create a convincing smoking effect on stage and screen without the use of real cigarettes. These are essentially mini smoke machines that look exactly like cigarettes. They look absolutely terrific and do not have the problems associated with real burning cigarettes. Can be used easily and comfortably by non-smokers.

They have three parts: The replaceable mouthpiece cartridge, the atomizer which creates the vapour and the electronics/battery tip with glowing LED feature.

Everything you need to create the illusion of smoking, without the smell and second hand smoke danger. The vapour is very smooth, and does not have the same effect as burning tobacco does, but creates a very realistic visual effect..


Size: 80mm  x 8mm
Charging System: Standard 5 Volt USB – laptop USB etc.  OptionaL 240V l USB Adapter available.
Charge time: 30 Minutes
Operational time: 30-60 Puffs per cartridge mouthpiece.


  • 1 Cigarette prop vaporizer and electronics
  • 4 Smoke vapour cartridge mouthpieces - FILTERS
  • Cigarette Pack style case
  • USB Charger 

  • Fully Electronic Prop -- No external heat, flame or combustion.
  • Does not need to be lit with fire. 
  • Durable prop made with plastic and metal.
  • The tip glows red/orange when you draw in.
  • Smoke vapour instantly produced when drawing in.
  • Realistic smoke (can blow smoke rings etc.).
  • Special non-nicotine prop smoke-vapour cartridge produces safe vapour with a hint of mint flavour.
  • 4 cartridges included (the tan  or whitefilter)
  • Each cartridge good for about 30-60 draws - your mileage may vary.
  • Stylish cigarette case 
  • USB Charger allows for universal use 
  • Prop will operate approximately two cartridges before requiring a charge.
  • Additional cartridges are available

This product to be purchased and used by persons aged 18+

*As this product contains NO nicotine or tobacco it is not regulated. Cartridge Ingredient List Here

Actor Cigarette Kit $99.00  TAN or WHITE  CARTRIDGE FILTERS

Actor Cigarette KIT Options

Actor Cigarette Extra Cartridges Tan or White Filter $5.00 each

Actor Cigarette Filter Options

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Don't confuse with our Actor Cigarette Kit...these are our budget actor cigarettes. Need to smoke on stage? Or in a film?  Non smoker? Our Fake Cigarettes are ideal.    Well made, high quality.  Just blow and a puff of smoke comes out.  You cannot inhale with these budget cigarettes.  Has a "burning" tip. Pack of 10  $8.95 (5-8 puffs per smoke, your mileage may vary).

(Our Puff Cigarettes contain cornstarch- beware of Puff Cigarettes containing Talc which are BANNED in Australia)


Similar working to the Actor PUFF Cigarette  120mm total length $3.25 each.


This does not have cornstarch, so  no "puff" effect. $4.25 each


This professional Hollywood-quality retractable needle prop allows you to create a realistic syringe needle injection effect.

The custom built retractable needle features a solid core "needle" that retracts into a hidden spring-loaded cavity hidden inside the body of the needle unit. When the needle is "removed" the needle smoothly springs back out. 

 NOTE: our syringes DO NOT have a white inner chamber that is very common, and also is usually the dead giveaway for retractable needles in productions. Although the needle has a blunt end, it is still very small and CAN be dangerous if not used carefully.

Care should be used to evaluate and operate this prop to be sure that it is being used in a safe manner. For professional use by adults only.

This prop cannot contain or inject liquids. The needle is solid-core and as such does not constitute sales of a medical device.