There had to be a way of faking a bullet hit for movies, TV and theatres without explosives!

During the years we have rigged hundreds of explosive squibs on actors (and in walls, on the ground, under sugar packets etc) and it always struck us how this dangerous practice never seemed to evolve. From the 1930's there was common practice to let an explosive charge simulate a bullet - just missing - or hitting - an actor.

This was a dangerous business. Shrapnel flew out from the charge, sometimes damaging actors, hitting camera crew, damaging expensive camera lenses and even damaging the actor being "hit" as he/she accidentally held her hands in front of the squib when it fired.

For theatrical productions, safety was even worse: The actor sometimes had to walk around with the squib attached to his body for a long time preceding his unfortunate death. During time, the hit would move or even topple over, badly injuring the actor when it was finally detonated. In some cases the blood bag prematurely burst due to friction - sending blood down the shirt of a very surprised actor!

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Note: System has been updated to A23 battery not CR batteries in the transmitter as shown.

Black straps are provided, not red.

This technique of electrically detonating explosives on the body of an actor has not changed from the beginning of showing bullets striking actors. Why? This is clearly a dangerous business (when else are you allowed to strap explosives to another person?) and we thought we would come up with something creative, safe, cheap and realistic-looking, that almost anyone could rig.  The air-squib allows you to simulate bloody bullet hits in actors in a safe, economic and portable way. No need for long wires as the unit is self contained and you can easily hidden on an actors’ waist, on a leg or behind the back. The bloody ”hit” is set off with a radio control transmitter.

These are some of the advantages:

1. No need for expensive professional special effects people.  Rig the hits yourself.

2. You do not need an explosives licences. No need to use heavy storage containers. No need for stand-by nurses.

3. Very silent - great for ”scared actors” or jittery animals afraid of loud noise. This means you will not have to hand out dozens of ear-plugs to a crew anymore! (Add sound effects in post-production)

4. Minimal weight on the shirt means it’s easier than ever for you to hide the hit on the shirt. You will look like a pro!

5. Fake blood is shot between the fibres of the shirt - meaning that clothes are unharmed and can be reused after washing. You will gain respect by creating a bloody hit without damaging the shirt.  Imagine how happy the producers will be if you are doing a 50 performance theatre production! 

6. For the first time, you can ”shoot” people at re-enactments - and you won’t damage their precious costumes (well, they have to be washed...)

7. Will allow you to create smokey hits, dust hits, blood hits or pulsating blood wounds. One unit will transform you into a one-man army, creating all the hits a director could need.

8. Developed by a professional special effects technician. 


A complete kit with radio control transmitter, receiver, air pump, manual liquid pump for "pulsating wounds", five  single nozzles, double sided tapes etc. Contact us to order $1350.00


This unit is a beefier version, resulting in a bigger "hit" of about four times the amount of blood expelled - and twice the diameter of the "hole". (This unit has an approximate Ø 20 mm hit - equivalent to Ø 3/4 inch circle.) A complete kit with radio control transmitter, receiver, air pump, manual liquid pump for "pulsating wounds", five oversized nozzles, double sided tapes etc.

Contact us to order $1475.00


This kit allows you to rig six hits on an actor thanks to a clever swivelling 6-way outlet port. The hits will go off simultaneously, giving the impression of someone being shot with six bullets, which may be useful in an execution scene with a firing squad etc.  A complete kit with radio control transmitter, receiver, air pump, ten nozzles, double sided tapes etc

Rigging these hits will be greatly simplified if two technicians are doing the rigging. One rigs the actual nozzles, and one  assists/holds the tubings and nozzles. Contact us to order $1475.00


This unit discharges a large amount of blood, appearing from the back of the head, back of the actor etc.   Contact us to order. $1350.00     All units have a 6 month limited warranty.

                                         "PULITZER" excerpts, courtesy Riley James. Using  Head Shot  Air Squib system.

NOTE!  All systems do require practice, so you can get the best performance from the system.  Simple to set and use, but don't RUSH IT!  Once you get a system, feel free to contact us for a "walk through" on use.  ALL SALES ARE FINAL ON THESE SYSTEMS. Unfortunately we have had people buy them, use them, then tell us they "did not work" only to see the footage of these units working perfectly in their productions.

Spare Air Squibs and Backing Tapes and Tubing are always available.

Air Squib Nozzle $23.00, Precut Tape $4.75, DIY Double sided tape $5.00 metre, Air Squib Tubing $5.00 Metre.

Squib/Tape Options


An excellent tape for taping tubing etc to the body.  Excellent adhesion, easy removal.                  5cm x 9 metre roll $6.00



This tank is a clever aid if you want to squirt imitation blood from a "wound". Fill it to 2/3 with liquid and top off with compressed air from tyre valve, and you are all set to squirt liquid all over

Works well for squirting imitation blood and is also good for comical "tears" shooting far over the audience from the glasses of a clown. Or maybe for someone urinating on cue (you know how difficult it is to do that under pressure of a whole camera team watching!)?  Or fill with plain air and inflate a "bump" on a wig after you hit your head.

In general a very good source of energy on a performer or actor as it is silent as it does not need batteries to work. Supplies with valve and the outlet shown in the photo. Add your own creativity to create your own effects. 

Perfect as an aid for your splatter film as it squirts a good amount of imitation blood from a cut throat or limb - but may also be used for a comedy effect where a cowboy drinks water after being "shot" numerous times - leaking water from the holes.

Or maybe an exaggerated sweat-scene in the style of Leslie Nielsen in "Airplane"?  May also inflate bladders, "fright wigs", muscles or balloons on an actor. We recommend that you strap the tank to your calf (under the pant leg), on your back, or pop it into a tank-pocket sewn into the costume.

Fill it with max 175 psi (12 bars) of air pressure and shoots a good sized water jet. Made from brass and aluminium and must not be filled with acids. Capacity 250 ML. Supplied with ball valve outlet. Size: 150 x 100  x 55mm  $225.00